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geoff wrote a computer program

and gave a few starter words to it

and the computer program wrote these poems

by following a simple algorithm
which I describe here:

step one: look at the last four or three words that were written.
step two: search on google for those words as a phrase (i.e. in quotes)
step three: find the first webpage  in the Google search results for this phrase
step four:  find out what word followed that phrase on that page
step five: write this word down
step six: go back to step one, until at least two sentences are written
or a maximum of x number of words have been written.

and he just took the words and added carriage returns

so that they look kind of like poems


i guess they are poems

what do you think?


want to try writing your own poems?

you can do it your own way of course

or give geoff's program a try here


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