First Name Gender Disambiguation

by Geoff Peters, B.Sc. from Simon Fraser University
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Determining Gender based on First Name for your Customer Records

Does your organization have large lists of customer names, but has missing or incorrect gender information?

When contacting customers, it pays to know the right gender. And it means much more than avoiding embarrassing situations. Using the right gender in written correspondence or over the telephone can establish a sense of familiarity and trust with the client, whereas using the wrong gender can lead to missed opportunities.

Have you ever received a form letter that was addressed to the wrong gender? Using the wrong gender dramatically reduces the chance that the addressee will ever respond.

How can gender disambiguation be done?

  • Access our growing database of over 200,000 first names, organized by gender.
  • Most names which are not in our database can be instantly gender-determined through our proprietary algorithms which analyze the popular usage of names on the Internet. Our algorithm can make use of interfaces to search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

What about "Gender-Neutral" names like Pat or Leslie?

  • Our algorithm will provide a "gender ratio" which is an indication of how strongly a name is associated with the indicated gender. Gender-Neutral names naturally have lower gender ratios.

How much does it cost?

  • If you only have a few names to look-up per day, you are free to use our online Baby Name Guesser, which makes use of the same technology as our corporate services.
  • If your company has a large client or prospect list, you could send us a data file including the first name and an optional ID number, and we will send back a list with the gender and gender ratio for each name. Contact us about pricing. - Sorry, this service is no longer available, due to Google discontinuing their SOAP Search API.

How accurate is it?

  • To get an idea of how accurate the algorithms are, you are free to try out the Baby Name Guesser. Our algorithms were recently used by a Harvard Business School professor as part of his research, and are regularly used by large organizations around the world for staffing and recruitment, sales initiation, and international business.

How to contact you?

Update: January 2011
Unfortunately, due to Google discontinuing their SOAP Search API, we are no longer able to provide large volume name gender services.


Copyright(c) 2011 Geoff Peters.
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