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Geoff Peters

I'm a software developer based in Vancouver, Canada, and I specialize in

  • software development with a focus on user interactions (web, mobile and desktop)
  • piano performance, jazz
  • video editing and production
  • photography

Geoff Peters Trio I develop and design software at SAP in Vancouver.
Geoff Peters Trio My band, the Geoff Peters Trio performs in the Vancouver area. We also have a CD which is available on iTunes or CD Baby.
Birds in the House Productions Birds in the House Productions is my video production company.
Dine Out Here - Vancouver Restaurants Find out some great Vancouver restaurants at
I created, which lets you listen to musical chords and then rate and describe them.
While I was studying computing science and business at Simon Fraser University, I had some spare time to create a website about first names and gender. It's called the Baby Name Guesser and was able to determine the gender of names using the Google Web Search API. Google has since discontinued their SOAP Web Search API, but my site is still a useful tool for suggesting baby names.

Back when I was in school I also created a website called the Celebrity Ranker, which used Google and Yahoo web services to find info about popular celebrities.

For a fun project I created Make Google Laugh, where users would type in jokes to see if Google would laugh at them. It amazingly amassed a database of over 60,000 jokes before Google discontinued their SOAP Search API.

Restaurant tip calculator for cell phones I worked at Nokia Mobile Phones for a year as a contractor while I was still completing my B.Sc. degree. I still have an interest in mobile phone software development, and in my spare time created a Java based Tip Calculator. It's called GeoTip and will calculate the tip for you at restaurants. I've also recently created an Android version.

It's available for free download. I'm pleased it has been getting good reviews from users on its simplicity and ease of use.

Color Schemes As a summer project back in 2006, I created Instant Color Schemes, a website which generates color schemes related to words or phrases you enter. It works by grabbing colors from images through the Yahoo Image API.
How to make recordings using Minidisc If you are a musician, learn how to make recordings using Minidisc, and share them on the Internet. Here is a quick tutorial guide that I put together on this topic.
music-large.gif (21963 bytes) One of my former class projects was an application called Music Explorer, which used fourier transforms to analyze the frequency composition of music clips. It's useful for discovering overtones and identifying chords. 
I have posted a scan of a user's manual for a 1930's Underwood typewriter. This was high technology for its time, complete with touch tuning and a "Variable Line Spacer Platen Knob".
I've posted a few really old writings from school.
chess.jpg (104870 bytes) For a friend I created Chess Club Central, a very simple, open source web application to manage rankings for an amateur chess club. Some chess clubs around the world are currently using it.


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Also check out Ken Perlin's Web Site. He won an Academy Award for computer graphics, invents cool and useful stuff, and is a master at creating little java applets that prove a point.

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