Mood Music 
By Geoff Peters  


In writing these brief pieces of music, I wanted to evoke a simple feeling or mood, much like a short poem or watercolour sketch.

These pieces are based on simple forms, and are improvisational in nature.

These pieces are all quite similar in style: generally slow, meditative, and solo piano.

If played together as a set, they can be used for meditation, relaxation or yoga. However, during daytime or working situations it may be preferable to listen to one piece per session.


A Door Opens (Listen to song).

Peaceful and meditative, this piece begins with a melancholy Ab Minor theme which is then echoed into a more reflective D major. The ending major progression is like ascending a set of steps towards the sky, or towards an open door.

(June 2006, Solo Piano,
playing time: 1 minute 18 seconds)


Male Nurse (Listen to Song)

This composition expresses the beauty of contradictions, similarities, and opposites, and also a deeper sadness at the occurrence of tragic events. The bridge section is influenced by the works of Keith Jarrett.

(March 2006, Solo Piano,
playing time: 3 minutes 14 seconds)


Piece of Quiet (Listen to Song)

Another meditative piece which I wrote to help clear my mind and calm down after a stressful situation.

(April 2005, Solo Piano,
playing time: 3 minutes 0 seconds)


Inspiration from the Sky (Listen to Song)

I imagined lying back on a sandy beach looking up at the vastness of the sky.

(May 2005, Solo Piano,
playing time: 4 minutes 17 seconds)



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Geoff Peters is a music and computer enthusiast who lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Born in 1981, Geoff studied classical piano with Yvette Rowledge and jazz piano with Chris Sigerson. He performs regularly in the Vancouver area with his jazz trio, and enjoys music performances and making web sites.

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Geoff Peters at the piano


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