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From: M.

I appreciate you creating this website. We named our 3rd child Zadie because I found it on your site.

Thank you for your time and energy to this project.

Have a great day

M Teague
Tulsa OK USA

From: Dana

A baby boy named Johann McSwain Myles entered the world today.

Thanks to your baby gender guesser, the debate over the proper spelling of "Johann" that took place between exhausted new mother and her busy-body sister was halted in one click. Thank you Baby Name Guesser!

Proud Aunt (and former know-it-all busy-body)

From: David

I'm dropping you a quick note to let you know what a great resource your
Gender Guesser site has been for us. I work in a small group that does 
translation of medical forms, and we work with many overseas
contractors. Often enough I have to send emails to people whose gender I
could not begin to figure out just from their names, and your site has
saved me from an embarrassing gaffe dozens of times now. On behalf of
our team, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

FACIT Multilingual Translations Project

From: Kristen 

So I really am enjoying your gender guesser name thingie, which is very amusing, but I have to tell you that whatever search engine stuff you're using is turning up some funky stuff. Like, for instance, type in the name Adam, and you (quite rationally) get that it's a boy name, and that its popularity is 4.4 ... but then in the list of names "with similar statistics" you get things like "Yellow" and "Coffee" and "Happy" ... I mean, let's be realistic here... Have you EVER known anyone named Coffee? Or Yellow?? I mean, I suppose it's possible, but is COFFEE a name as common as ADAM???

I think I did know a kid named Happy at one point.

Anyway. It's an amusing site.



Reply from Geoff

Thanks for your comments! According to the Internet, there are almost as many people named "Mr. Happy" and "Mr. Coffee" out there as "Mr Adam". My program works by looking for patterns like that. I'm sure Mr. Coffee exists, or why would they name a coffee brand after him? And who doesn't know Mr. Happy from that popular series of children's books? And of course there's Happy Gilmore. Anyways, your email gave me a laugh... glad you are enjoying the site!

From: Donn    
RE: Famous People Named Donn

Dear Mr. Peters:

While doing a bit of web surfing, I found your delightful site about the name, Donn.

However, it indicated there are no famous people with that name. I politely disagree. Among them:

  • Apollo 7 astronaut, Col. Donn Eisele (deceased)
  • Baseball player, Donn Clendennon (of the 1969 Miracle Mets and also played with Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • Bandleader, Donn Trenner (Steve Allen Show)
  • Irish-American novelist, Donn Byrne (deceased) 
  • International Yodeling Champion, Donn Reynolds (deceased)

Well, a few of those might be a "stretch" about being "famous," the first two people certainly made their marks in history.

I enjoyed your names web site, and wanted to give you a bit of info about a few of us named, Donn.


I forgot to add one more "Donn" that is famous in Vegas. The late Donn Arden, theatrical producer in Vegas and Paris, France, whose name is still on billboards and other signs promoting the Jubilee review at Bally's.

From: Michael 

Well, it's an interesting idea, here's the results from my family:
Me, correct
My wife, Rachel, correct.

My kids:
Baruch, right
Rashi, wrong (although I admit I have heard this name in relation to girls)
Yitzi "too rare to be guessed at". Okay, admittedly Yitzi is just his nickname, and when I put in his official name, Yisrael, it got it right,
but a variation, Yitzy, was wrong. Yet a quick check with Google shows "son" "husband" or "brother" to to directly precede Yitzy on 11 occasions, but "wife", "daughter" and "sister" a total of zero times, so I'm wondering what types of phrases you use.
Yehuda, right
Shaindel, right

My pets:
Tuvia the parakeet, right
Bear the dog, right.

So the final tally is 7 right, 1 wrong, 1 indeterminate... BTW, I like the way you do searching for "the late great" prepended to the name for historical famous people.... Of course, that means with tens of thousands of pages referencing the famous Rashi, you couldn't find a single one... :-)

I would expect "the late great" isn't applied to anyone dead more than a generation or so. Can you see, "the late great William Shakespeare" or "The late great, Ludwig Von Beethoven"? Without a doubt, late, and great, but never called that...


From: Google Inc. 

Hi Geoff,
We just wanted to let you know that we've increased the daily query limit for your program to 10,000. We wouldn't want anyone who's trying to guess their gender to run out of queries.

We hope this increase is useful to you, and we wish you the best of continuing luck with your projects.

The Google Team

From: Nicola

hello geoff.

thought you may find interesting the facts behind the name nicola.

nicola is purely a MALE ITALIAN form for nicholas. the only true female form is nicoletta. the germans and english many years ago made a mistake assuming that it was female because of the 'a' ending. like andrea they adopted the name for girls. but both nicola and andrea are historically MALE.

all best

nicola, a man!

From: Menno

Hello Geoff,

I stumbled upon your gender guesser page. Pretty nifty, but judging from the results of my nameÖ.

Iím most definitely a boy, at least last time I checkedÖ But your page returns a 1.231 times more common use for Menno as a girl than as a boy.

I donít know about most other languages, but in Dutch, my native language, Menno is a boyís name. I have 3 friends/acquaintances called Menno, all men.

Does your page operate world wide, or is it based on statistics in the US only? Iím surprised the popularity reaches as high as 2.7.

Famous dead guy named Menno: Menno ter Braak, Dutch poet/author 1902-1940.


Keep up the good work!


From: Max

Your data for the name Katine is incorrect. Seeing as it says that the person is male when the name is the polish version of Catherine. I don't know how many male Catherine's you know but all the ones that I've ever know have been female. Great website.

From: Lenny

Hi Geoff,

Your Gender Guesser is a clever idea but I think it needs some fine tune 
tuning. It claims the 5th most popular girl's name, coming between Ann 
and Susan, is Jackson, and gives as examples such well-known gals as 
Jackson Street Juice Bar and Jackson Daily News (now *she* was a 
hottie!), as well as someone named Jackson Do whom I don't know, though 
she might be related to Jackson do Pandeiro, whose picture is available 
at http://www.slipcue.com/music/brazil/dopandeiro.html. But he doesn't 
really look very feminine.

As well as listing the girliest and boyishest(?) of names, you might 
give some thought to adding a list of most-ambiguous names (Pat, Leslie, 
Francis/Frances, Evelyn (in England), Tracy, Jan) for people who want to 
pick a one-size-fits-all name for the forthcoming baby and be done with it.

Regards, lenny 

From: Morad

hey jeff,

i have a name that most people have never heard of and i would like people to know more about it. I saw your website and it had my name which is Morad and i think it's a unique name but the problem is that people get puzzled and confused when i tell them my name. It is a CISCASSIAN name and they are a forgotten race. Most live in kabardino-balkaria which is in russia and some live in the US. My father told me that my name means wish, desire. i would appreciatte it if you would help spread this so maybe parents maybe just might want to name their kids Morad. Thank you for reading this.

From: A.

Excuse me,

I was taken aback to read that on your page the first name "Edzard" is considered female ?????!
Edzard is a male, Frisian name. It's short for Eckehart.

I have an uncle called Edzard and my son's name is Edzard as well. I never met or heard of a woman by the name of Edzard.

Other well-known people by that name are:

Edzard I (1461 - 1528) was count of East Frisia
Edzard II (1532-1599) was also count East Frisia. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edzard_II%2C_Count_of_East_Frisia)
Edzard Reuter (*1928) was CEO of Daimler Benz. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edzard_Reut)
Edzard Ernst is the first professor of complimentary medicine. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edzard_Ernst)
Edzard Schaper (1908-1984) was a writer and traslater. (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edzard_Schaper)

All of these are definitely males. ;-)

Best wishes,

A. Schulze

From: Karin

Baby Name - Valeta

Valeta was my mother's name, born in 1913. I have never had any doubts that it is a very feminine name. You might take a look at the old Prince Valiant comic strip that was popular when I was growing up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Valiant

The Queen's name was Aleta and her daughters were Valeta and Karen. The last time I saw the strip was in the San Francisco Chronicle.




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