Geoff's Piano Practice Podcast


This podcast is where I record myself practicing jazz piano, and post the recordings on the net.

How to Listen:

  • Launch iTunes Player (free download here).
  • In the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast.
  • Enter the feed URL (below) in the text box and click OK.

Feed URL:

Or if you prefer, you can access the podcast from the iTunes music store by clicking here.


About Me:

I'm Geoff Peters, a jazz piano enthusiast from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have also posted a lot of my piano practices in MIDI format, which are better if you don't have a fast Internet connection.

These are practices, where I am learning piano. They are not performances, and are not supposed to be nice to listen to. The purpose of this podcast is to give piano practice ideas to people learning the piano. If you would like to hear some of my performances (which are nice to listen to!), visit my band's web site by clicking here.

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