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Geoff Peters Trio - Quiet Night

Our album Quiet Night is now available via iTunes or CDBaby.


Free Downloads
After a successful release in Japan, selling over 200 copies there, we've decided to release the original compositions from the album as a free download exclusive to

1. Delicate - 2:53

A lilting jazz waltz with a Celtic feel. Geoff played folk jigs and reels with the Sybaritic String Band for several years, and this tune was influenced by the New England / Irish / Quebecois folk music of North America. Delicate was also covered by Luke Pickman on Flute in his Youtube video.

2. Sonatina No. 1 - 3:41

Happy and warm, here's a song that makes me think of home and family. Starts off with a classical style intro, becomes a swing tune. Reminds my friend Brent of happy Christmas time.

3. Quiet Night - 4:25

Geoff's signature song. This is a beautiful ballad that is influenced by the works of Pat Metheny, especially his composition "In Her Family", which Geoff performed with his high school jazz band at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow Idaho when he was a teenager. This song has an official Youtube video produced by the creative Christopher Lacroix. It is also available as printed piano sheet music in the book "Canadian Contemporary Repertoire Series Level 3" published by Mayfair Music, available at Tom Lee Music.

4. For Kris - 3:11

Alan Wong Moon, a talented producer, once remarked something like, "if you don't feel happy when listening to this song then you've gotta be pretty jaded". It is indeed a very happy swinging song and was written during a young romantic moment.

5. Joy - 3:33

This is another jazz waltz, but this one is more influenced by Vince Guaraldi (think the Peanuts soundtrack) and is highly energetic and quite fast. When I was playing it in my piano workshop class before class started, its chord structure reminded New York jazz piano master Misha Piatigorsky of a Bill Evans tune.

6. One Dance - 3:47

A very sad wistful Bossa Nova written after I realized I would only get to dance with someone a single time, and probably never see them again. But it was a really good romantic dance and I will remember it always!

7. Balance in All Things - 3:53

My dad once told me, "Geoff, remember to have balance in all things". So I wrote this Latin-jazz style song to reflect my desire to have balance in my life. It would make a good closing tune for a feel-good talk show or family sitcom.

Credits: Geoff Peters piano, Mark White bass, Greg Murray drums. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alan Wong Moon. Compositions by Geoff Peters. Steinway piano tuning by Yonatan Torn.



Royalty-Free Music
In addition, the original tracks on this album (linked above) are now made available under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

This allows you to freely use or remix the original compositions from this album for commercial or non-commercial purposes, such as a film score, Youtube video, radio program, family slideshow, etc, as long as you include the following text:

"[song name], Geoff Peters (". 

Be sure to replace [song name] with the name of the song you are using.

Note that the album also contains several jazz standards (covers) which are not freely available nor listed above, and still need to be purchased through iTunes or CDBaby. I'd like to release them for free as well, but since I don't own the rights to the songs I can't do that yet.

Please note: If you are making use of the above music for your project, and wish to include the full license details for legal reasons, please add the following text to your credits, replacing [names of songs] with the names of the songs you are using :

[names of songs], Geoff Peters ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"



Live Music Sample
Interested in hiring the Geoff Peters Trio to perform for a special event, wedding, or corporate celebration? Here are a few samples of our live music recorded at our gigs.

1. Autumn Leaves - a swinging jazz standard, with piano, bass, drums, and saxophone.

2. All Blues - (video) an energetic jazz standard, with piano, bass, drums.

3. My Foolish Heart - (video) a romantic jazz ballad played as a duo, with vocals by Gio Escueta and piano by Geoff Peters.


More samples of our live performances can be found on Youtube.




Bonus Tracks

From our 2006 album entitled "Spacious Nest", enjoy these Geoff Peters Trio originals, performed by Geoff Peters (piano), Mark White (bass), and Colin Defreitas (drums):

1. Hastings Waltz (4:50) - A lilting, uplifting jazz waltz written to bring hope to one of Vancouver's most infamous streets.

2. Blues for Boris (3:52) - A strident, energetic blues-jazz song written for a good friend, Boris Reitman.

3. Lullaby (6:58) - Need to relax? Stressing out? This comforting and stretched-out tune will set your mind straight again.

4. Piece of Quiet (5:12) - Imagine us playing this tune late at night in a hip jazz club, with low lights, cocktails, and young, well dressed hipsters chilling out.

5. Ski Lift to Nowhere (6:34) - An introspective, mysterious tune with some dark corners and unexpected twists.

6. Slack Shack (4:01) - An improvised funky jam that we made up on the spot.


Geoff Peters (acoustic piano, Wurlitzer on track 4)
Mark White (bass)
Colin Defreitas (drums)


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