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Geotip tip calculator screenshotGeoTip 0.1 - Restaurant Tip Calculator for Cell Phones
Android Version: Geoff's Geotip 1.0

I created a simple program for your cell phone, Android or Blackberry that will calculate the tip for you at restaurants. It should work on Android phones and most modern mobile phones that support Java and MIDP 2.0 (such as Nokia Series 40/60, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, etc.)


  • Enter meal amount, tax percent, tip percent, how many people to split the bill with, and an optional extra amount to add on the bill (such as liquor tax).
  • Shows the breakdown of tax and tip amounts, total bill, and how much each person owes.
  • Option allows you to save the tax and tip percent to use next time.
  • (Android version) Add multiple meal items such as when you order an appetizer, main course, dessert, and drinks.


Geotip Tip Calculator

This app is now available in the Android Market under "Geoff's Geotip". Click here to view the Android Market info for this app.

To download, please enter the following link into your mobile phone's web browser:

Or you can click here if you want to download the program files to your desktop and then copy the files to your phone.



GeoTip is donationWare. Please download it and try it out for free.
If you find GeoTip useful, I ask you to please make a donation of approximately $5.00 using the donation link below.
Don't worry, it's a secure payment that is processed using Paypal and I will never be able to view your credit card number (Paypal processes it for me).


Donation info: So far 8 people have donated to support my development of this application, and the average donation was $11.56. Thanks so much for your support. Feedback and comments are always welcome!



Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or comments about this software.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: How to enter a decimal point on my phone?
A: If your phone doesn't have a period button, try pressing either the Star (*) key or the Pound (#) key while entering the bill amount.


Q: Will this program work on my Android phone?

A: Yes. Android users should visit Android Market on their phone and search for "Geoff's Geotip" to install the application to their phone. Please note that there is another tip calculator available for Android with the same name as GeoTip but is not created by Geoff Peters. Geoff Peters is not affiliated with this other product.


Q: I understand you have a blackberry version of Geotip. Is there an OTA link that will work for blackberry? Thanks.
A: Please try:

The program should work on newer blackberries.


Q: Will the OTA program work on my BlackBerry Pearl?

A: Yes, it should work. Please try the OTA link above using your Blackberry and it should install OK on your Blackberry.


Q: Why did I receive a message that the program is unsigned?

A: The Android version of Geotip should not have this problem. However, for the Blackberry version of Geotip, you may see this message because I didn't sign the program when I developed it. If you are downloading the Blackberry version of GeoTip from my site it should work fine if you allow it.

Regarding signing of Java applets (such as my GeoTip program)... since I didn't sign the program, it means that my program will not be allowed to access your phone's phone book, camera, or system. I don't need to access these things to calculate the tip, so I didn't bother signing it. This security is enforced by your phone's Java environment.


Q: Will this program work on my new Verizon phone?

A: Probably! I received the following comment:
I just installed the tip calculator on my brand new verizon, blackberry curve and it worked just fine. I noticed on your website it said it wouldn't. Just letting u know it did. Maybe that was an older posting. Program works great. Very easy to use. Thank u very much.


Q: Will this program work on my Apple IPhone?

A: Unfortunately, no. The Apple Iphone does not support Java. However, there are many other tip calculators that are written specifically for the iPhone (view).


Q: How did you write this program? Is it open source?

A: Please click here to see the answer to this question.


Q: Does this program calculate the tip before or after tax?

A: This program calculates the tip on the pre-tax amount. If you are used to tipping on the after tax amount, you may want to tip at a higher rate.


Q:What new features have been added in the Android version?

A: The Android version allows more than one meal item to be added. This saves time when you order multiple dishes (such as a main course, appetizer, dessert, and drinks) and want to calculate your portion of the total bill. To add another dish, push the Plus icon that appears next to the first meal item, shown in the screenshot below.

Geoff's GeoTip for Android - restaurant tip calculator screenshot Geoff's GeoTip for Android - restaurant tip calculator screenshot



Click to Download the Tip Calculator Program free for your cell phone.

If you have Android, please download "Geoff's Geotip" from the Android Market.

Alternate download methods (for Blackberry only):
Get it from CNET!
Download, rate and review GeoTip at
Download Geotip at



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