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I enjoy Tip Calc, however, I like to know a few things though.

Is this program open source because I would like to expand on this if
possible, also to learn how to develop Apps for my Nokia phone.  You did
this in Java. C++ is what I am more comfortable in, is it much more
difficult to develop Nokia phone on?

Nokia website has alot (too many) resources.  Any advice where I can go
to learn to make even simple Hello World app, compile, and go?

I already use Visual Studio 2008 on my machine.  Can I use this, or
better to develop in Linux or OS X?

Take care.


Hi there,

Sorry my program is not open source but here are a few tips:

-for Nokia phones if you want to develop in Java (J2ME) you should download the Series 40 SDK for your phone model. You'll need to sign up for an account at forum.nokia.com

-Java is the best way to program for cell phones if you want your program to work on most phones (with different OS and manufacturers). I developed my tipcalc with the Nokia Series 40 MIDP 2.0 dev kit and it also works on Samsung, Motorola and Blackberry phones.
I find that in order to get the emulator and debugger to work I had to download the specific version of Eclipse that is supported by the Series 40 SDK and not the latest version.

-If you have a series 60 nokia smartphone (Symbian) you can use C++ but it will only work on Nokia series 60 phones

Here are some steps to get started with the Java development:

1. Look up your phone model on http://www.forum.nokia.com /devices/matrix_all_1.html and find out which edition of the Series 40 SDK (eg. 5th edition or 3rd edition).

2. Then download the right version of the SDK at http://www.forum.nokia.com /info/sw.nokia.com/id/cc48f9a1 -f5cf-447b-bdba-c4d41b3d05ce /Series_40_Platform_SDKs.html
for your phone.

3. You'll also need to install Eclipse http://www.eclipse.org/download s/download.php?file=/technology /epp/downloads/release/20070927 /eclipse-java-europa-fall -win32.zip  and possibly EclipseME http://sourceforge.net/project /showfiles.php?group_id=86829

Other good links to check out are:
http://www.forum.nokia.com /main/platforms/s40/ (click "Getting Started")
http://wiki.forum.nokia.com /index.php/Category:Java

Feel free to let me know if you get stuck, I should be able to help.


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