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Saturday, May 02, 2009
This blog has moved!
Hi, this is an update to say that I'm no longer going to be updating this blog, but it will remain here for archival purposes.

My new blog is at - please check out my new home!

>Click here to go to my new blog, and please update your bookmarks!
Friday, April 17, 2009
My Foolish Heart (new video & recording)
Last night Gio Escueta and I made a video of us performing the jazz standard My Foolish Heart. Click here to view the video on Youtube, or feel free to use the player below.

If you'd like to download the MP3 of the performance, feel free to grab it here.

> My Foolish Heart (MP3 time 3:34) - as performed by Gio Escueta (vocals) and Geoff Peters (piano)

This tune is a popular jazz standard that has been recorded by many jazz greats. Wikipedia has more info (click here); here is a brief excerpt:
Gordon Jenkins's recording of "My Foolish Heart" reached the top ten on the charts. However, Billy Eckstine's version became a million seller, spending 19 weeks on the charts and peaking at #6. Later recordings were made of this standard by numerous artists, including Bill Evans, Joe Williams with George Shearing, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Carmen McRae,Elkie Brooks. Astrud Gilberto and Mel Tormé. More recently, "My Foolish Heart" has been covered by pianists Liz Story and Keith Jarrett, guitarists John McLaughlin and John Abercrombie, Charlie Haden's Quartet West, singers Kurt Elling, Al Jarreau, Jane Monheit and Ann Hampton Callaway, a capella quartet The Idea of North, and the Ska band "The Positive Downside." In 1963, the song made the top 100 in a doo-wop version by the Demensions.
Here is a link to the Kurt Elling version, which is one of my favorite tracks at the moment. I've included an embedded player below:

I'm excited that Kurt Elling is coming to the Vancouver International Jazz Festival this year (which runs June 26th to July 5, 2009). Kurt Elling's concert in Vancouver is on July 3rd 2009 at the Centre for Performing Arts (click here for concert details).
Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Learning new audio software
I got a Macbook and am trying to learn how to use the audio software on it. So far I am pretty much a newbie. Here is my first "track" that I created using the Macbook. It's a very quickly put together version of a cool original tune "Surprise Peas" which I would like to record properly someday! Please excuse the cheesy midi instruments. Mmm cheese.

> Surprise Peas - MP3 time 1:43. Original song by Geoff Peters 2008.
Wednesday, March 04, 2009
New Composition: Misha's Song
Last summer I attended the Victoria Conservatory's jazz workshop and one of the highlights was taking some classes with New York jazz pianist Misha Piatigorsky. One of the exercises of the composition class involved making up some chords to a melody, and can you believe it, the song from that exercise is still stuck in my head (or at least it decided to pop into my musical consciousness again tonight).

So here is what I remember, and I'll call the tune "Misha's Song". I made a little recording and you can listen to it by clicking below. Comments are always appreciated!!

> Misha's Song MP3 (playing time 2:35) - Composition and solo piano by Geoff Peters.

For those computer music buffs out there, a midi transcription of my performance is available by clicking here.
Thursday, February 05, 2009
25 Random things about me
So this random 25 things post is going around Facebook and I thought I'd give it a whurl....

1. my favorite movie is Lost in Translation
2. I love sushi and my favorite restaurant in the whole world (yes!) is Sushi Town in Burnaby
3. I like being creative and creating!
4. I make my living as a software developer
5. I enjoy working at SAP BusinessObjects... smart, motivated people, interesting projects, career growth
6. I don't play basketball but kind of wish I did, cause of my height
7. I enjoy running (mainly along the seawall), and will go in a few races this year
8. I am passionate about music and playing piano.
9. I get inspired to write music about certain people or events in my life.
10. I hope to get my new jazz CD duplicated next month, of my piano trio.
11. I don't consider myself a food or music snob, more like an enthusiast.
12. I also enjoy food photography and am going to have a couple photos published in enRoute magazine
13. I was at SFU for 6 years. Good times!
14. I think the real world can be scary sometimes. Especially mortgages!
15. I am currently seeing someone and am in love.
16. I get really excited about travelling!
17. I don't have cable tv at home
18. In grade 10 English class I read aloud the part of Romeo in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette. I really like reading aloud and sometimes wish I could be on the radio!! Maybe I'll start a podcast.
19. I recently got a video camera and have been making food and music videos. It's fun but I have a lot to learn about video.
20. I am kind of allergic to li-chee nuts.
21. I love Vancouver and all the awesome people I know here!!
22. I am generally a pretty happy person.
23. I probably spend too much time on the computer, but it's a window into the world for me.
24. I like hiking and I really want to go on some more hikes around the Lower mainland this year.
25. I am looking forward to the future!
Thursday, January 22, 2009
New Song - "Good Night"
I wrote a new song tonight - it's called "Good night". It's kind of a pop lullaby with one chord change (Gsus2 to EMaj) that reminds me of some Ben Folds compositions. Please click below to listen!

> Good Night - Mp3 time 2:58 (Geoff Peters original composition)

(For those computer music buffs out there, a midi version is also available by clicking here.)
Monday, January 05, 2009
A new composition and a cover tune
Here are a couple new recordings that I made on my keyboard, that I'd like to share with you!

The first one is an original composition I wrote a couple weeks ago called "Happy Song for You" (click here to listen). It's an uplifting pop ballad with some "triumphant" chords.

The second one is a contemplative waltz, a cover of the first part of a folk song that I forget the name of, but I call it "Folk Song for Calvin" (click here to listen).

As always, feedback is much appreciated!
Saturday, December 06, 2008
Sybaritic String Band (new recording and upcoming events)
One of my favorite bands that I am fortunate to play in is the Sybaritic String Band (see our website by clicking here). The band features Brian Hayden on fiddle, Rich Sobel (fiddle, mandolin, percussion), Barry Cole (mandolin, guitar, banjo, harmonica) and myself (Geoff Peters) on piano.

From our web site:
The Sybaritic String Band is famous for their high energy renditions of fiddle tunes from North American and Celtic traditions.
We recently spent a day doing some self-produced recordings, and had a great time. I wanted to share with you, my friends of the Interwebs, a little preview of the recording that is to come. Please enjoy, and note that the track is just a work in progress.

> Camel's Hump, Elzic's Farewell, and Hunting the Buffalo - MP3 time 6:59 (Sybaritic String Band)

If you like what you hear, imagine a room full of happy people dancing together in Contradance style (with a caller and moves such as "swing your partner" and "long lines forward and back").

We have a dance series in Vancouver the first Saturday of every month at St. James Hall in Kitsilano, and everyone is welcome (there is a lesson for beginners starting at 7:45pm and the dance starts at 8pm).

More info is on our web site.
Thursday, November 27, 2008
New Composition: Untitled for S.
I wrote a peaceful, flowing jazzy pop song tonight. It's called "Untitled for S." and you can listen to it by clicking below. Comments are always appreciated :)

> Untitled for S. - MP3 time 2:29
Thursday, November 20, 2008
Spending time online is good for kids
An article on (click here to read article) talks about a recent study by the University of Southern California and the University of California, Berkeley which observed kids as they spent time using the Internet and taking part in online communities.

Here is an excerpt from the article:
The study, which can be found online at, identified two categories of teen engagement with digital media: "friendship-driven" and "interest-driven."

Friendship-driven participation centered on "hanging out" with existing friends online while interest-driven participation involved accessing online information and outside communities, the study said.

"In both friendship-driven and interest-driven online activity, youth create and navigate new forms of expression and rules for social behavior," the study said.

"In the process, young people acquire various forms of technical and media literacy by exploring new interests, tinkering, and 'messing around' with new forms of media.

"Through trial and error, youth add new media skills to their repertoire, such as how to create a video or customize games or their MySpace page," it said.

The study said young people are motivated to learn from their peers online with the Internet providing "new kinds of public spaces for youth to interact and receive feedback from one another."
Friday, November 07, 2008
picnic time,
let's party with wine,
go dining and camping
a bbq,
a basket,
how bout
a beverage,
what a lifestyle! tailgating never was better.


Poem created with words from
Wednesday, November 05, 2008
film I composed music for, on the big screen!
I while back I wrote some music and performed on the soundtrack/score for a film called "The Letter Goodbye" (with Andrew Ming).

On Saturday it's showing its world premiere at Tinseltown as part of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival.
Saturday, November 01, 2008
Musical Tidbits on the web
A bunch of updates relating to music and the web... hope you enjoy! - legal loophole opens door to amazing music search engine

I came across SearchMe, a really neat free/legal music search engine that lets you listen to full versions of the songs. I don't know how it's possible for this site to exist, but apparently they get their music through Imeem widgets, and Imeem has a licensing agreement with four major record labels, and there is some kind of loophole in their licensing agreement which allows a site like SearchMe to exist.

To access the site, go to and click on Music. I was able to find really rare stuff on there, such as the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack by Yoko Kanno, Ahmad Jamal's 2008 album entitled It's Magic, some Kenny Barron albums, some Roy Hargrove live tracks - it's pretty much endless! It also lets you share the songs. For example, click here to listen to one of my favorite Ahmad Jamal jazz piano trio tracks, a song called Arabesque from his album It's Magic.

Henry Hey and Sarah Palin - jazz piano brilliance mixed with politics

In other news, I discovered the music of New York jazz pianist Henry Hey. I was browsing the web and saw a link to a YouTube video about Sarah Palin singing along with a jazz piano accompianist (click here), and was intrigued. It turns out that pianist Henry Hey took a video of a Palin interview and added piano behind her words, in perfect time with her vocal rhythm and intonation. I thought to myself, "this is where Jazz Piano meets political activism" - from a musical and political standpoint this video is pure genius.

So the result of all this Youtubing is that I went over to Henry Hey's record label Nineteen Eight records (click here) and bought his 2008 piano trio album entitled Watershed. It costs $9 USD for the whole album as a digital download, and is available in non-DRM MP3 format (which let you freely copy to any of your devices or computers to enjoy the music wherever you are: but of course instead of copying to friends you should encourage them to buy their own copy from the web site to support the artist).

If you'd like to listen to some of Henry Hey's music, check out his myspace page (click here).

Youtube video of myself performing Chick Corea tune

Also, in the past few weeks I have been working on learning the wonderful Chick Corea tune, entitled "Windows". I mostly know it from his incredible 1988 album Now He Sings Now He Sobs.

Last weekend I made a Youtube video of myself performing my own improvised arrangement of Windows (click here to view), and the comments I have been getting are really encouraging.

dugin27 writes:
I don't know how much money you're going to make playing piano but I know enough to say that you're goning to have one hell of a fine time with that instrument for the rest of your life. Bravo and best of luck. Bud
drmhouse writes:
Very nice playing... you love to just play and it's fun as hell to watch.
I'm really enjoying this whole Internet thing, to be able to share my music with people around the world, and learn from other talented people by watching their music too, it's the greatest thing! Many interesting years ahead!!
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
New song idea - Peace for J
I wrote the beginnings of a song last night - it could be some kind of ballad. I needed to relax and calm down, and this short song helped me do that. Please click below to listen and let me know what you think!

> Peace for J (MP3 time 1:40) - Composed and played by Geoff Peters.
Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Colin Pombo - Yoga Poses
Kind Selekta digital boutique writes:
With a swing comparable to an early down tempo Marc de Clive Lowe joint, Colin Pombo’s “Yoga Poses” leads you through an open minded meditation session of well colored chord patterns swirling around thoughtfully poised rhythmic snaps.

Reminiscent of the past’s Curtis Mayfield or today’s Jeremy Ellis, ‘Yoga Poses’ sets the mood with a soul inspired falsetto that softens perceptions with relaxed intentions, Supported by a rich sturdy bass like that of a Pariss Clemons slow jam, and layers that seem to be transported here from a classic 45, this track is sure to warm any room into a head noddin’ swing as the mind and hips are gently pressed forward in the same motion.
I downloaded Colin's track from the site (click here) and am enjoying it... Colin has put a grooving bass line and warm electro-keyboard chords together with some soulful vocals and plenty of textures and layers to reward repeated listening.

I paid for the track using Paypal, and it was through a British company (Kind Selekta) so it came out to 1.64 GBP (British pounds), which worked out to $3.28 CAD after fees and exchange rates. I was a bit hesitant at first, being able to buy whole mainstream albums through for around $10 CAD, but I'm glad I made the exception and supported an independent artist.

Both Kind Selekta and Puretracks are now selling non-DRM MP3's, meaning I can copy the MP3's to listen on my cell phone, in the car CD player, on my work computer, and in my living room! I think this is a welcome trend in the music business: companies are realizing that people don't want to pay for music with restrictions on their freedom to play it on various devices.

My recommendation: check out Colin Pombo's track, Yoga Poses!

Colin also has a Myspace page (click here) with a free sample and more info.
Friday, September 26, 2008
New Composition: Good to You
I wrote a new composition. It's a ballad called "Good to You". Please click below to hear a recording I made. I've also written lyrics which I've included below. Any singers out there who would like to record this?

> Good To You - Mp3 time 3:13 - (Geoff Peters solo piano, composition by Geoff Peters)


Money and greed
she ain't good to you.
But why do I keep
coming back to you.
Baby -
please don't forget
I've been good to you
She'll never change her ways.

Summer turns to fall,
Winter turns to spring.
Nice to know.
Monday, September 15, 2008
Classical music vs Jazz
I am currently working on the piano part to Symphonic Dances from West Side Story. If I'm lucky I'll get a chance to perform it with an orchestra in October! It made me realize again how different the experience of practicing is between classical music and jazz music.

In classical practicing I am trying to learn to play exactly the notes and rhythms the composer has written, with some degree of interpretation of the dynamics and articulation, but largely focusing on rendering into sound what is specified in the sheet music.

In jazz practicing I am trying to learn to play "tunes" and improvise. It involves discovering harmonies and melodies that I can work around the basic form of a piece. I am connecting my theoretical knowledge of jazz and my ability to physically play the piano with what I am hearing in my head, which in turn is influenced by the music I have been listening to.

I find that learning jazz has led me more naturally into thinking in a creative musical way, harmonically and compositionally, but that classical has given me a good foundation in technique.

But any music that I play or listen to, including classical, informs how I play in the many musical "worlds". I have found that I get a sense of freedom when switching back and forth between jazz and classical.

And that only covers two general "styles" or approaches to music. Playing in a folk band adds another dimension too!!!
Saturday, September 13, 2008
Waltz for Debbie - Piano Practice Video
I made a video of myself practicing for 15 minutes on the beautiful Bill Evans tune, Waltz for Debbie. Click here to watch the video in or use the player below.

Thursday, September 11, 2008
New Recordings of Piano Jazz Radio
The awesome NPR Radio Program "Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz" has some new shows available for listening on their web site (click here). These include musical interviews with Tony Bennett, Ahmad Jamal, Norah Jones, and Herbie Hancock.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Windows Vista is not so bad
I recently got a new Dell computer and it came with Windows Vista. I've been using it for about a week now and I've gotten used to it, and even am brave enough to say that I like it!! My computer is quite fast, so much that it could install Microsoft Office in just one minute! (Yes I bit the bullet and bought MS Office standard edition, so that I can sync my Pocket PC and Nokia cell phone with Google Calendar). Vista runs really smoothly and quickly. I notice a lot of really small improvements for XP annoyances which overall make using the computer much easier. Yes, dear Mac fans, I respect you, but please don't hate me for liking Microsoft and Vista!! :)
Sunday, September 07, 2008
New York Times article about "Digital Intimacy"
Clive Thompson has a great article in the New York Times (click here to read) where he examines the phenomenon of "Digital Intimacy": how social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow people to continually exchange details of their daily lives. From the article:
[For "aggressively social people online"] constant online contact had made [strong relationship] ties immeasurably richer, but it hadn’t actually increased the number of them; deep relationships are still predicated on face time, and there are only so many hours in the day for that.

But where their sociality had truly exploded was in their “weak ties” — loose acquaintances, people they knew less well. It might be someone they met at a conference, or someone from high school who recently “friended” them on Facebook, or somebody from last year’s holiday party. In their pre-Internet lives, these sorts of acquaintances would have quickly faded from their attention. But when one of these far-flung people suddenly posts a personal note to your feed, it is essentially a reminder that they exist. I have noticed this effect myself. [...] This rapid growth of weak ties can be a very good thing. Sociologists have long found that “weak ties” greatly expand your ability to solve problems.
Saturday, September 06, 2008
The Bird and The Bee (Music Video)
The Bird and the Bee is a "jazz-influenced electro pop project" from Los Angeles, with Greg Kurstin ("bee") and Inara George ("bird").

View their Web site, their Myspace page, or their Wikipedia page.

Also check out a video (below) from their debut album which was released on the Blue Note label. I think the piano intro to this video is awesome!

Aaron Parks new jazz album
Aaron Parks, a twenty-something jazz pianist and composer from Seattle (now living in New York), has released his debut album on the Blue Note label. It's called Invisible Cinema and you can listen to tracks from the album on Aaron's myspace page (click here). The album also features Eric Harland on drums, Matt Penman on bass, and Mike Moreno on guitar.

Allmusicguide writes (click here to read review):
Melodic improvisation is the key in Parks' mysterious, strangely beautiful compositions, such as the elliptical, shapeshifting "Peaceful Warrior." Parks employs his elegant style to full effect, allowing his sense of restraint and economy to create tension and drama, which is pointedly accented by Moreno.
Peaceful Warrior is my favorite track from the album - it's really cinematic and inspiring.
Monday, September 01, 2008
New Composition: A Horrible Accident (Music for a Film)
Tonight I wrote a new piece, called "A Horrible Accident". Thankfully no horrible accident actually happened for me lately. This melody really jumped out at me (it's kind of classical), and I'm sure I've heard it before. I put some mysterious chords underneath and a simple major bridge to tie things together.

Please click below to listen, and let me know what you think!

> A Horrible Accident Mp3 Time 3:25 (Geoff Peters original composition, performed by Geoff Peters on piano)
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
New Recording: Sybaritic String Band (MP3 available)
This evening I did a recording session with the Sybaritic String Band (click to view band web site).

The instrumentation is:
Brian Hayden - fiddle
Rich Sobel - fiddle
Barry Cole - mandolin
Geoff Peters - piano

We recorded a medley of lively jigs (Banks of the Allan, Rich's E Jig, and Blue Jay). Rich's E Jig was composed by Rich Sobel. I started the set with a rubato piano solo intro. Please click below to listen, and let me know what you think!

> Banks of the Allan, Rich's E Jig, and Blue Jay - MP3 time 6:49 (Sybaritic String Band)

We made this recording using a MOTU 8-Pre (click to view web site), an high quality 8 channel Firewire interface for home studio and portable recording. Mixed by Geoff Peters.
Sunday, August 24, 2008
Douglas College Jazz Intensive (Concert video available)
The past week I took part in a jazz camp, the Douglas College Jazz Intensive in New Westminister, BC, Canada, which was organized by director Bob Rebagliati.

It was a great way to spend a week, being surrounded by talented musicians (both young and young-at-heart) and being instructed by excellent music educators such as Alan Matheson, Sharon Minemoto, Bernie Arai, and others.

I recorded our group's final concert (3 songs) and have created Youtube videos of the performance. Here are links to the videos:

1. B.L.P. (click for video)
2. Ladybird (click for video)
3. Modalee (click for video)

The concert recordings in MP3 are also available online (please click here).

B.L.P. and Modalee are original compositions by our instructor, Alan Matheson, who in addition to being an outstanding composer, director, and music educator, is also a talented trumpet player who performs regularly in the Vancouver area. Please click here to view Alan's web site.
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
New Composition: Soul Ice (for Hockey Night in Canada)
Right now there's a songwriting competition going on in Canada, to find the next theme for Hockey Night In Canada. I gave this a whirl mostly as an exercise and came up with "Soul Ice". Please click below to listen, and enjoy! :) If I win, I'll get $100,000 and lots of fame. I'll be posting a link to where you can vote for me soon.

> Soul Ice (Proposed Hockey Night in Canada theme) MP3 time 1:49 - Composed, recorded and performed by Geoff Peters

Update, Aug 24th 2008:
My anthem was approved for the competition and you can register your vote and rate my anthem by clicking here.
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
The Jazz Session (Podcast) + some other stuff
The Jazz Session (click here to view web site) is a podcast of interviews with some great but perhaps lesser known jazz musicians.

Also check out an interview (click here) with New York jazz pianist Misha Piatigorsky.

Another great radio program with musical interviews is the show Piano Jazz by Marian Mcpartland (click here), which currently is featuring an interview from 1987 with Herbie Hancock.
Monday, August 18, 2008
Voyage solo piano improv
Last week I made a little Youtube video of me performing an improvised arrangement of the tune Voyage by Kenny Barron:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008
New Composition: We Will Be Together Again
I was inspired to write a romantic tune, which I call "We Will Be Together Again", not to be confused with the jazz standard of that name. Please click below to listen, and let me know what you think! Any vocalists out there who would like to sing it?

> We Will Be Together Again (Mp3 - time 1:20) (Geoff Peters composition, performed by Geoff Peters on solo piano)


It was a day
Like any day
Then you appeared,
and time slowed down and then...
its pace...
but we will be together again.
For we will be together again.

Facebook Redesign
Facebook has some of the best user-experience designers in the world at the moment. I had a good look at the new design and am really quite impressed. Great work Facebook team!!
Monday, August 04, 2008
New Jazz Jam Recording (free MP3's avail)
I spent Sunday afternoon having a jam session on piano with my brother Byron (drums) and friend Jason (bass). This was the first time we had played together and it was a lot of fun. I made a recording of our jam and have made the Mp3's freely available to download (please click here).

Of course, being a jam session, these recordings are not studio quality and are not our "best", but they will give you an idea of the kind of energy and musical ideas that we had going during our session. The consensus among the band members was that it was really fun!!

> Click here to listen to our jam session (free MP3's)

Regarding the tracks we played, I think Voyage is the most "polished" sounding, as I know the tune quite well. The other tunes I sort-of knew but I managed to fake it most of the time. We need to work on our endings!! Blue Monk was really fun, I tried playing in a "rough" style maybe influenced a bit by Thelonious Monk. There is also a recording of a new original tune of mine, Warm Day, which I wrote while taking a composition class with New York Jazz pianist Misha Piatigorsky.

This recording was made using a consumer-model Sony Hi-MD Minidisc player/recorder and a Sony stereo condenser microphone. The total cost of the recording equipment is less than $500. Considering the low cost of the equipment, the sound quality is not bad! I have written an article that describes how I made this recording using Minidisc (please click here).
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Enlarging Images by rendering detail (idea)
I came up with an idea which I think would make a good Masters Thesis or startup company research project.

The idea is to find a better way to enlarge small images. You know how in the movies, they always have a small image and then they use the computer to enlarge the detail that wasn't there? My idea is to analyze a small 2D image, identify objects and textures, create a 3D model, and then use 3D rendering and computer graphics techniques to create a larger image in the same perspective and view, and same degree of photo-realism, just with more details filled in.

The most basic existing example of this is how someone using a tool can convert a simple graphic to a vector representation, and then it can be enlarged without the pixellation and ugly artifacts usually found when resampling a bitmap image to a larger size. My idea extends the simple vector graphics modelling to more complex types of images, such as modelling a landscape or a city scene, and using the model to enlarge the small image.

In order to accomplish this, we would need to generate a 3D model from a 2D image. I believe there is already a lot of research and progress in this area, at least for certain kinds of images. Then we would need a way to generate additional detail, perhaps through texture generation and taking advantage of some algorithm such as Perlin noise. Then we would need a seamless way of combining the existing pixels with rendered pixels.

If you know of any research into this area, please drop me a line at Maybe someday if the various steps to accomplish this task are available in open source libraries, I will put together a website that takes images and enlarges them, adding detail. That could be a very popular site I imagine!

-Geoff Peters
Friday, July 25, 2008
Stanford Jazz Festival Spotlight
David Rubien writes in the San Francisco Chronicle (click here to read article) about aspiring jazz artists Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet), Dayna Stephens (saxophone), Julian Lage (guitar), and Taylor Eigsti (piano). From the article:
Aspiring jazz artists, so the script goes, won't hit the big time unless they move to New York to make it in the jazz capital of the world. [...] Each is certainly bound for jazz stardom, and each is having to figure out his own way of getting there, because so far in the 21st century there are no standard routes, no plethora of apprenticeships, few jazz club circuits, few record labels clamoring for jazz talent.
The article has three full length MP3's of the artists' music (click here) and you can also listen to more music by clicking the artists' names above.
Saturday, July 12, 2008
Geoff Peters in Concert (free recording available)
I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to perform my original composition "Quiet Night" at the Victoria Piano Summer School, during their 20th annual Composers' Day. I feel it was a real milestone in my musical career. The audience was about 150 people and included faculty from the University of Victoria, and piano students and teachers of all ages. The Phillip T. Young Recital Hall in the MacLaurin Building at UVic has wonderful acoustics and I was alone on a huge stage with a Steinway concert grand piano.

I want to share this special musical moment in my life with you! Please click below to listen to a recording of my performance. I played this piece in a typical jazz form, by starting off playing the melody (head), then making an improvised solo over the form, and then ending with the melody again. I had the form including chords and melody in my head.

> Quiet Night (Mp3 recording, time 3:13) - composed and performed by Geoff Peters
Monday, July 07, 2008
Bill Evans on Piano Jazz
One of my favorite radio programs is NPR's Piano Jazz, hosted by pianist and composer Marian Mcpartland. In 1978 Bill Evans was on the show and took part in a musical interview with Marian McPartland, and their session has been re-released for free listening on the web at NPR's web site (click here to listen).
Saturday, July 05, 2008
New Composition: Lament
I wrote a classical-sounding piano piece, Lament, that is quite moody and reminds me a little bit of Beethoven and Chopin. (Click here to listen.)

Wikipedia says, "A lament is a song or poem expressing grief, regret or mourning." I sat down and thought I would try to write something jazzy, maybe inspired by some of the great jazz I saw in the Vancouver Jazz Festival, but for some reason I was attracted to the sounds of minor and diminished chords. Some classical piano pieces which have had an influence on my music are the Beethoven piano Sonatas (especially the Appassionata) and the Chopin Ballades.

Please click below to listen to my piece, Lament, and let me know what you think! It's recorded in stereo for your listening pleasure. :)

> Lament (MP3 recording, time 3:05) - Geoff Peters Original Composition
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Kenny Barron
Michael Brecker
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Norah Jones
William Joseph
Kid Koala
Branford Marsalis
Wynton Marsalis
Parker's Mood
Aaron Parks
Lori Paul
Tim Posgate
David Priest
Dennis Rollins
Renee Rosnes
Jennifer Scott
Chris Sigerson
Denzal Sinclaire
Tyler Summers
Amanda Tosoff
Judy Wexler

Surfing Jazz Quartet

Steffan Andrews
Don Davis
Steve Reich

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